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Mapping out a path that works for you!

2024 Curriculum  Guide

This website has been developed to provide a guide for students and their parents and carers regarding subjects offered at Trinity College to assist in selecting subjects for the 2024 school year.

Subject selection is an opportunity for you to take steps towards reaching your aspirations - making decisions that will open doors to further study of career options.

Paul Clohesy
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What are your aspirations?

I encourage you to think about your interests, your future aspirations and your strengths in selecting your subjects.  Please challenge yourself; we will be here to support you.

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Be Your Best

Our caring and qualified staff will be available to support your choices and ensure that each of you is encouraged to be and do your best.

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Find a Balance

We will continue to offer extra-curricular opportunities such as music, bands, performing arts, chess, robotics, debating and public speaking, retreats, local and interstate excursions and camps, social gatherings, and a comprehensive sports program to provide balance to your learning.


Feel Supported

If you have any questions beyond what is provided here, we encourage you to speak with your subject teachers, Year Level Coordinators, support staff, and with your family to help inform your subject selections.

The Trinity Difference

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