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Junior    School Pathways

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Trinity College delivers a curriculum based on the Victorian Curriculum Standards Framework for its students through the Junior School (Years 7-9) and the Senior School (Years 10-12).

Subjects at Trinity College are based on a timetable structure of a ten-day cycle of five one-hour lessons per day.  For every year level in the ten-day cycle, there is also:

  • one lesson alloted to iLeap, to focus on skills such as literacy, numeracy and pathways, as well as a Pastoral Care Program.

  • one lesson for a year level or College assembly.

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) sets out what every student should learn during their first eleven years of schooling, including a common set of knowledge and skills for life-long learning, social development and active and informed citizenship.  This curriculum incorporates the Australian Curriculum, whilst reflecting Victorian priorities and standards.

Senior school offerings begin in Year 10, with students able to access a Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or Vocational Education and Training (VET) subject, in addition to their core subjects and elective options.  The Year 10 curriculum prepares students for the Years 11 and 12 pathways of VCE, the Victorian Certificate of Education Vocational Major (VCE VM), or the Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC). 

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Year 7

All Year 7 students study the same core subjects over the year.  These core subjects will be taught in the students' homeroom groups to allow a smooth transition from primary school.

In addition to core subjects, Year 7 students will cycle through Rotation Subjects over the course of the year, allowing them to experience each of the elective learning areas that will become available to them as they progress through their years at Trinity College.  Students will complete two rotation subjects each term, with a total of eight across the year. 

Year 8

The Year 8 curriculum is a progression from Year 7 studies, with students continuing to study core subjects in the homeroom groups.

In addition to core subjects, Year 8 students have a choice of four semester-length elective subjects to study over the course of the school year.  Students are required to select at least one elective from the Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Design and Technology, and Digital Technology learning areas.

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Year 9

The Year 9 curriculum is a progression from Year 8 studies, with students continuing to study core subjects.

In addition, Year 9 students have the opportunity to choose four semester-length elective subjects to study over the course of the school year, with two electives studied each semester.  When completing the online subject selection process, students must indicate six choices in preferential order.  Please note that students wishing to study Indonesian need to select both elective Indonesian choices as this subject is studied across the whole year.

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