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Distance Education

Distance education options may be available for students if a subject is not offered at Trinity College.  Students must speak to the Director of Learning to discuss this option.

Distance Education Provider

Study will be completed using an external provider such as Virtual School Victoria (VSV) or Victorian School of Languages (VSL) for your chosen subject. These schools run a comprehensive teaching and learning program with access to a wide range of resources. Distance Education teachers are trained and experienced in the online learning environment and commit to provide students with regular and individualised support to achieve success in their learning through the online student portal, phone access, seminars and secure online spaces for peer collaboration.

Requirements and Expectation of Distance Education Students

Students must be highly self-regulated and commit time each week to study and complete set weekly work submissions. Students can expect to devote the same amount of time to study in each distance education subject as they would in each mainstream Trinity College class. It is extremely important that students use study lessons to complete their distance education work. As this is quite a different learning environment, students need to be organised and committed learners to achieve success. 

Distance Education Procedures

Distance education teaching staff must be the first point of contact for all students regarding classwork issues. Trinity College staff are not able to provide ongoing support or individualised tutoring of students due to the workload in addition to their teaching load. 


Written assessments will be supervised by Trinity College staff, as per Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority (VCAA) requirements and the distance education provider’s directions.  Due dates will be published in advance by your distance education provider in 2023. It is the responsibility of the student to liaise with the VCE Coordinator prior to any assessment to enable planning for the task to take place at TCC. 

Student Responsibilities 
  • All students require regular and reliable access to a computer and the internet to login via the VSV or VSL portal.  

  • Access booklists via the external provider’s website. 

  • Set up their individual study timetable. 

  • Communicate and submit work online regularly, including online lessons, forums and interactive activities. 

  • Attend their allocated study block in the Resource Centre for roll marking and supervised silent study.  

  • Notify the VCE Coordinator promptly of study issues which cannot be resolved with the external provider. 

  • Notify the VCE Coordinator of assessment dates at least 2 weeks prior to the task. 

  • Access student reports online.  

  • Adhere to all Trinity College Colac ICT policies and procedures together with the Distance Education provider’s online safety requirements. 


Trinity College Responsibilities 
  • Enrolment of students.  

  • Supervision of all external assessment tasks (these may involve after school sessions). 

  • VASS enrolments and confirmation details.  

  • Provision of a study space and allocated time for students to complete course work. Please note that specialised spaces and supervision cannot be offered for practical subjects (such as Dance, Product Design & Technology, Food Studies etc) completed via distance education. 


   The VCE Coordinator, Mrs Karen A Hart, is the nominated school supervisor to assist with: 

  • Student access to communicate with external teachers during the school day e.g. if phone lessons and technology are required. 

  • Distributing resources and returning assessments. 

  • Administering and supervising assessments. 

  • Liaising with external distance education teachers when necessary.  



Students studying a subject by Distance Education are charged through College fees as follows: 

  • 100% cost for enrolment in a subject not offered by the College (eg. $405 per VSV unit for 2023). 

  • 50% cost for a subject offered by the College but not running due to numbers or other restrictions. 

  • No cost if the student cannot study their chosen subject at the College due to a timetable clash. 

  • 100% cost of any unit the student fails to satisfactorily complete.  

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