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Learning Diversity

The Learning Diversity area is a dynamic space in our school community where the staff work hard to support students with a broad range of Learning needs.  Learning Diversity (LD) time is offered to any student who is identified with a need for extra assistance with their work through programs to support their educational, social and emotional needs.  Support is offered within the classroom and withdrawal to work individually or in a small group setting in the LD area.   Focus is given to improving relevant skills to achieve individualised goals established by the subject teacher and in Parent Support Group (PSG) meetings.

Measurable Literacy and Numeracy programs are used with diagnostic testing to determine alternative programs for students inclusive of extension and acceleration pathways.  Where necessary, referrals are made to the Catholic Education Ballarat for further specialist testing (eg. speech pathologist, psychologist).  These referrals are a crucial part of our funding regime under the NCCD model.  The National Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) process involves the school collecting evidence for each student under funding criteria based on physical, social and emotional, cognitive, or sensory categories.

Learning Diversity welcomes the opportunity to work closely with staff, parents and their children to make a substantial difference for students with learning needs across Years 7-12.  The introduction of the NCCD has meant considerable changes have taken place to accommodate students with disability enabling them to access needs-based education.  Teachers work collaboratively; moderating and supporting students' unique learning through Personalised Learning Plans and goal setting to give all students the best opportunities to be the best student they can with respect, responsibility and positive affirmation.

Learning Diversity Leader
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